Blessed with continued growth , new ministries and programs are being added to the church. With constant prayers and faith, the congregation is continuously on the move and assisting others when needed.


Fourth Baptist Church
726 South Street
Portsmouth, VA 23704

Phone: (757) 393-6657
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 Sermons by Rev. Dr. Charles W. Beamon, Pastor, Fourth Baptist Church, Portsmouth, VA

                                         Rev. Dr. Charles W. Beamon

Sermon Title: You Can't Have Both  
Scripture:  Luke 9:62


Sermon Title:  Seeing Beyond Today 
Scripture:  Genesis 12:1-9 

Sermon Title:  What Rewards Will You Get? 
Scripture:  Revelation 22:12

Sermon Title:  Jesus Joy  
Scripture:   Galatians 5:22 

Sermon Title: Missing the Point  
Scripture:  Acts 14:8-20